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end of the world

It would be insane, if they were meant for each other - as he thought. There are things beyond the understanding, resist is the only reasonable way to deal with it. Why wouldn't you resist? Why would you resist? There is no answer...there is no logical explanation for anything that had happened there. What is going to happen? What is happening? It's like...the room filled with gas and void. It's waiting for the spark. To blow up. The sleeping dragon. The gasoline. Intense. Something unbelievable. Who would believe? Some things...magical things, are happening while nobody is watching. There is no insight. Nobody could single person. The two of them? Maybe...if somebody do cared. One cared and that wasn't her.

It would probably be better, if the sleeping dragon didn't wake up. But it's not something the reason can get a grasp of. But the heart is crippled. Like a broken glass stucked in a wound. Eternity long...fountain of life. Tainted blood spilled all over the floor. Uncapable. Maybe it's wrong?

He's been thinking about the conclusion. There's none. There is no result! This is just perfect story. So many possibilities. Well, it all will end in the soil eventually. Until they meet again, in another life...

...perhaps, not.

End of the world.

sobota, 31 grudnia 2011, entity82

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