wtorek, 02 października 2007
[surrounded by enemies' bullets...]

surrounded by enemies' bullets like sky surrounded by clouds
waiting for rain drop to fall, but sky is shooting with stars
shall I say my wish again? or shall I wait untill touchdown
powder sparkled, rumble sound, only a whiz...it missed again.

surrounded by enemies' bullets like ear surrounded with sound
it's getting closer, I can hear it more than the heartbeat
should I kneel already? or should I raise the knife
noise screamed, flash of explosion, it's getting so loud...

surrounded by enemies' bullets like...view in front of my sight
it's finally raining, it's close like a touch, I can feel it
like a leaf on the air, slowly falling to the ground
ripping from inside, like a burning acid -- pain -- it's over now.

19:04, entity82 , Poems
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