poniedziałek, 04 lipca 2011
you whisper...

you whisper in the night,
you whisper to the ear,
always when it's dark,
getting beneath my skin.

you whisper in the night,
when I'm getting tired,
puzzling with the lies,
and tightening the wire.

you whisper in the night,
making things unclear,
getting of the sight,
held inside with the fear.

you whisper in the night,
creeping into my sleep,
spreading through the mind,
nothing else to keep.

22:50, entity82 , Poems
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wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2010

you crawled into mind
with disputed thoughts
seen your sins
done inside
perished like ghost
walked inside
with butter knife
with butterfly effect
infestating heart.

21:18, entity82 , Poems
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sobota, 26 grudnia 2009
Nursery Rhymes II

Everything is fine, everything's in order
Let's drink some wine, and create an disorder.

Just sit and relax, listen to the sound
Let deepness take you, go down to profound.

When your soul is awake, eyes wide shut
No time for the break, what's needed you got.

Just forget about nothing, thoughts are blank
Dreams fadin' away, like world gets drunk.

01:01, entity82 , Poems
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wtorek, 02 października 2007
[surrounded by enemies' bullets...]

surrounded by enemies' bullets like sky surrounded by clouds
waiting for rain drop to fall, but sky is shooting with stars
shall I say my wish again? or shall I wait untill touchdown
powder sparkled, rumble sound, only a whiz...it missed again.

surrounded by enemies' bullets like ear surrounded with sound
it's getting closer, I can hear it more than the heartbeat
should I kneel already? or should I raise the knife
noise screamed, flash of explosion, it's getting so loud...

surrounded by enemies' bullets like...view in front of my sight
it's finally raining, it's close like a touch, I can feel it
like a leaf on the air, slowly falling to the ground
ripping from inside, like a burning acid -- pain -- it's over now.

19:04, entity82 , Poems
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niedziela, 23 września 2007
the birth of a star

Since the mattery has formed the life
it's been hanging there, in the abyss
the blackest hole, more than nothing
chained with force stronger than gravity...

By the touch of architect or the creator
burden bliss, inspired thought of ingeniousity
like a craft of the spider, perfectly shaped
web of the death and the life...

Caught in the heart of space
bound by the time, amazing flash
triggered with one gesture, like a
kiss of the lovers freed by touch...

Light blazed like a fusion storm
blowing the door of the universe
warping the time, shaping the form
uncovering from dust -- the star was born...

13:18, entity82 , Poems
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